Cohesity provides simpler data protection and a solution for data storage and recovery. Providing an easy way to manage, store and extract value from your data, our customers can store and protect data seamlessly, use it efficiently and learn from it instantly. It is Cohesity’s intention to extend the benefits of convergence to the much larger secondary storage landscape.​

Cohesity brings order to this chaos by converging secondary storage workflows into a single, intelligent data platform. This saves ​our clients money and eliminates the need to deal with multiple ​suppliers and systems. The platform can be expanded easily, allowing companies to reap the same kinds of economies of scale as web giants and it integrates seamlessly with third-party cloud providers so that customers can leverage the economic benefits of the public cloud as an additional tier of storage. When it comes to analy​s​ing information, Cohesity’s technology delivers real-time insights with integrated data analytics. It indexes all data as they are ingested, delivers pre-defined reports about data type and usage, and makes it easy for users to create custom queries.


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