DeskCenter offers a unique opportunity to manage and optimise a number of key IT processes from within one platform.

With a starting point of a complete and accurate inventory of all your IT assets, including Computers, Servers, Virtual Environments, Peripherals, Components, Users and Mobile Devices provides a significant level of capability on its own. Add to that the complete License & Software Asset Management certified by KPMG auditors, your organisation will not only have assured IT compliance, but see cost savings in optimised licensing based on actual utilisation. When adding additional capabilities such as fully integrated software deployment, OS deployment, Patch Management the value continues to grow, both in terms of the process optimisation that becomes achievable but also in the management and control of assets and the overall IT budget.

By leveraging all of the above modules, plus additional capabilities such as Remote System Management with the addition of Service/Help desk capabilities, Deskcenter offers a complete and effective IT Lifecycle management solution, that has proven its worth in nearly 1000 clients across Europe, many benefiting from significant cost and efficiency savings.


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